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What We Do For You


Bespoke Vehicle Programmes

Every vehicle programme needs to achieve complex parallel targets.

  • Technical Specifications

  • Legal & Market Requirements

  • Timing Schedules

  • Budget Constraints

  • Manufacturing and Delivery capabilities


We develop and manage multi-disciplinary programmes to successfully deliver the right vehicle.


Since 2011, every vehicle engineering programme I have led has been powered by electric, hybrid or alternative fuels.


Sustainable Transport

We offer solutions to reengineer your speciality vehicles with electric or alternative fuel powertrains.

This has multiple benefits:

  • Eliminate legislative risk

  • Reduce capital expense burn rate

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Cut carbon emissions


Environmental legislation across all industrial sectors is requiring vehicles to move to low carbon emission operation through electrifiation or the use of alternative fuels.

Fleet vehicles are a source of significant capital expense, particularly specialist vehicles. Replacing existing fleet with new vehicles is captial intensive or may not be possible.

I deliver engineering programmes which allow new and exisitng vehicles to be engineered and operate with reduced pollution and carbon footprints.


Regulatory Guidance

Our extensive automotive industry experience navigates programmes through the latest vehicle legislation.


Safety and environmental legislation place increasingly challenging demands on vehicle production and operation.


We outline critical regulatory requirements and guide programmes to completion without delays.


Reduced Costs

We engineer vehicle efficiency to reduce capital and operational costs, without compromising quality and standards through the optimised management of energy and materials.


Automotive production is highly-cost critical. We lead with a clear understanding of the expenditure rate in development and the price impact at production.

These experience allows our clients to achieve a competitive advantage.

What I Do
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